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Flow of the use

STEP1/Make a reservation

You have two ways to make a reservation

Internet Reservation

It is easy to make a reservation from our website

Make a Reservation

Telephone Reservation

Please call the "Reservation center."


Business hours / 8:00AM - 8:00PM

When you make a reservation, we ask you following things.

  • Date & time of pick-up and return
  • Pick-up office and return office (Rental Locations)
  • Car type /Car class/ Car model / Optional equipment (Car Types & Rate)
  • Customer information

STEP2/Visiting office

Please visit to the office on that day by the time of pick-up.
Please tell that you have a reservation to the staff when you visit the office.

Notice about payment (How to pay)

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation on the following matter.

  • Only credit card payment is accepted to rent a car in the "Standard Plus" "Lexus Car" class.
  • If possible, pay a charge by credit card when you rent a car other than "Standard Plus" "Lexus Car" class.

For cash payment

We ask you to show either of (1) or (2).

  1. (1)The validity of your credit card will be checked.
  2. (2)Passport, Individual Number Cards or alien (foreigner) registration card.

STEP3/Sign a rental agreement

Sign a rental agreement and pay a charge after checking contents of agreement.

STEP4/Checking the car damage

Check the car damage with a staff.


Please leave by safety driving after checking the mirror and seat belt.


Before returning the car, please fill the tank up at the nearest gas station. If refilling the tank with fuel is not possible, you will be charged for fuel at the office.
When you return to the office, check the car damage with a staff and pay a excessive charge. Please be careful not to leave something behind in the car.


A cancellation fee will be charged when you cancel your reservation for your convenience.

7 days before the rental day Free of charge
3-6 days before the rental day 20% of the basic rates
1-2 days before the rental day 30% of the basic rates
Rental day or after the scheduled rental day 50% of the basic rates

*The upper limit of the cancellation charge is 6,000yen(excluding tax)