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Take the following measures in the event of an accident or breakdown

  1. 1.Rescue the injured person
  2. 2.Contact the police(Please receive a certificate of accodent from the police.)
  3. 3.Contact the office you picked up the car.
Breakdown Contact the office you picked up the car.

About Road Service

In case of accident or vehicle breakdown requiring repair, the following services are provided.

1. Vehicle towing service (free of charge up to JPY 150,000) 2. Restarting dead battery
3. Refueling (delivery of gasoline or diesel) 4. Free refueling when out of fuel (one time per year)
5. Opening doors when the key is locked inside 6. Flat tire and spare tire exchange
7. Services for accidents or breakdowns caused by natural disaster (other than earthquake, volcano or tsunami)  
RecommendationJAF card [not available with T2 (box-type car), T3, T4 and BUS classes]

Adding JAF card as an option expands support beyond the Road Service described above

1.Cost of labor for operations exceeding 30 minutes 2.Emergency flat tire repair
3.Cost for flat tire repair 4.Free fuel refueling when out of fuel (two times per year)
5.Affixing and removal of tire chains 6.Freeing vehicles stuck in snow or mud, etc.
7.Service for accidents or breakdowns caused by natural disaster 8.Use of JAF Member Special Benefit Program
Optional service charge 540 yen (including tax)/once [JPY 540 on a monthly (including tax)]

Insurance/accident response

We introduce compensation contents when an accident or breakdown occurred.
Please understand and use a rent a car.

Compensation contents when an accident occurred.

The amount of insurance compensation

Should an accident occur, the benefits would be paid under our insurance policy within limits shown below.

Bodily injury liability insurance One person: Unlimited(Automobile liability insurance included)
Property damage liability insurance One acccident: Unlimited [Cost of JPY 50,000 covered by customer (deductible)]
Vehicle damage liability insurance One acccident: actual cost(Amount of deductible:50,000 yen)
Bodily injury indemnity insurance One person: 30 million yen*1
  • *1 Regardless of the driver's fault (neglience) ratio, the bodily injury idemnity injury (including loss of life and long-term disability) sustained by passengers in the rent a car accident. (Within the maximum amount of 30 million yen: The total amount of injury is determined by the insurance company based on the insurance policy.)
  • *Deductibles and damages exceeding compensation covered by insurance are the responsibility of the customer.
  • *Insurance payment will not be made for accidents subject to disclaimer. Insurance may not be paid for accidents without an accident report issued by police.

Insurance coverage will not be paid in the following cases.

  • The customer does not notify the police at the time of traffic accident (has no certificate of traffic accident).
  • The accident is caused by a driver who is not the party to the rental agreement.
  • The accident is caused by a driver who has no driver's license.
  • The accident is caused by drunk driving.
  • The accident takes place after expiration of the rental period without advance notice of extension.
  • The customer violates any provision of the TOYOTA Rental Agreement or other terms.

The following payment is necessary when the customer causes an accident.

Amount of deductible

The customer shall pay the deductible not covered by the insurance.

  • Property damage: 50,000 yen
  • Vehicle damage: 50,000 yen

When customer has selected "deductible compensation system", the customer does not have to pay.

RecommendationDeductible compensation system (Freely join)

When this system is selected, the customer does not pay the below-mentioned deductible in cases where the insurance can cover the accident.

Amount of deductible compensation 1,080yen (1,000 yen excluding tax) / day (24 hours)
Damage exceeding the insurance coverage

The customer shall be responsible for damages that exceed the limits of the coverage and damages not covered by the insurance.
Example: Damage exceeding bodily injury indemnity insurance 30 million yen. / Case which the benefits shall not be paid; such as loss caused while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Non-Operation Charge <NOC> tax-free

Non Operation Charge (NOC) is compensation for business interruption during the period required for repair or cleaning due to traffic accident, theft, breakdown, defacement, or other causes not attributable to the company. (Be forewarned that this is separate from the payment of deductibles for insurance coverage.)

When the customer drives the rent-a-car to the scheduled office

20,000 yen(Non-taxed)

When the customer cannot drive the rent-a-car and cannot return it to the scheduled office

50,000 yen(Non-taxed)

  • *When the car is not returned to the office even if it can run, the customer should pay 50,000 yen.

RecommendationTOYOTA Rent-a-Car Double Protection Package (optional)

Enrolling in this plan exempts payment of the Non Operation Charge (NOC) noted above, as well as payment of deductibles not covered by insurance in case of accident.

  • *Includes compensation for cost of repair for damaged tires and lost hubcaps.
Enrollment fee

JPY 1,620 (JPY 1,500 without tax)/up to 24 hours